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Vision & Mission

Boehm Construction Ltd. is a Nanaimo based company offering new home construction as well as renovation. We specialize in building and renovating your living space with purpose and style and doing it for less. We will do it right and guarantee a job well done, on time, and on budget.

Our philosophy with regard to planning is that as the cost of construction and putting a roof over ones head continues to rise and outpace incomes in Canada,  many of us are going to have to learn to live in smaller spaces. In our Nanaimo and Vancouver Island markets we are well positioned to become an affordable alternative due to our proximity to more expensive markets like Vancouver and Victoria.

Jeff Boehm

My name is Jeff Boehm.

I have lived in Nanaimo since 1991.

I have been building things for 25 years and have been doing it as a career since 2004.

I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every job I tackle.

Boehm Construction Team

Boehm Construction tackles a wide range of projects and has a team of experienced carpenters as well as long standing relationships with many sub trades including plumbers, electricians, painters and more. Finding the right sub trades for each job can be challenging, we have established relationships and a good reputation with local building officials too! We attend regular training and seminars to keep up with trends and building practices. We are a proud member of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association.

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